Nordson nLighten Powder Gun LED Kit 

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Encore nLighten LED Kit 

The must-have accessory for the Encore manual spray gun range – Because more light means more right

A fast, convenient and safety-approved accessory that instantly adds the power of an LED light to the already impressive capabilities of the Encore manual gun range. 

See the benefits of  nLighten™*

Reduce or eliminate rejects or rework
  • Effectively highlight and fix light powder areas on surfaces, deep recesses and cavities – on the fly
Reduce material waste
  • Optimum light levels enable precisely targeted powder application, to reduce waste and save on material costs.
Increase efficiency
  • This all-in-one application and inspection tool gives every operator the power to both spray and inspect at the same time.
Improve safety
  • Rated for use in all powder coating environments