We engineer, design, and fabricate custom equipment to meet specific customer coating and dispensing challenges. Our sales, installation, training, and service ensures our customers of added value.We provide custom pumping and dispensing solutions for your special-need materials and processes. Spray or dispense plural-component high solids coatings and materials (epoxies, urethanes, polyurethanes, sealants or adhesives) with ease and with strict mix-ratio accuracy. Our factory-trained technicians evaluate your requirements and materials to provide you with a valuable solution to suite your needs and fit your budget. Call us and we’ll design a system for your specific requirements.

With materials that are constantly changing, we offer equipment solutions for epoxies, urethanes, polyurethanes, polyurea coatings, foam, sealants, and adhesives. 

Many of these are notorious for being difficult to spray and to maintain their strict mix ratios. AFS has this problem solved with custom-engineered systems that can be installed either in-plant or with mobile/portable solutions. This brings tremendous value to the following industries:

  • Ship Building
  • Pipe Coating
  • Tank Coating
  • Aerospace
  • Rail and Transportation
  • Off-shore maintenance
  • Chemical, Oil, and Gas
  • Fire-proofing and Insulation
  • Electronics
  • Building Products and Construction
  • Solar
  • Window Manufacturing

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