Nordson Encore HD Automatic Powder Gun

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Nordson Encore® HD Manual Powder Spray System

The Encore® HD Automatic Powder Spray Gun – the third, and most advanced, generation of dense-phase powder spray guns – provides repeatable performance and high deposition rates for highly efficient powder application. 

Nordson HDLV – or “High Density Low Velocity” – delivers a high concentration of powder, but using very little air for the ultimate in process control.


Features and Benefits :

  • Easy adjustment of the powder concentration and spray velocity to achieve optimum coating coverage and cured finish quality for every conceivable part type
  • Highly uniform powder spray patterns — go from a highly dense phase spray to a more diluted (powder and air) mixture, and everywhere in between
  • The ability to increase or decrease spray velocity when required
  • Takes advantage of existing HDLV pump and Color-On-Demand instant color change systems
  • Pump and gun provide exceptionally fast, contamination-free color change.
  • A wide range of nozzles to meet any application need, including commonality with the Encore gun family
  • Easy serviceability for reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Advanced, engineered materials allow faster internal and external cleaning during color change




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