Nordson Encore Cup Gun

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Encore Manual Powder Coating Spray System – Cup Gun Kit

Designed for fast, flexible and efficient small-scale testing, the Encore cup gun kit is ideal for evaluating new powder formulation types and colors by powder manufacturers or end users.

Perfect for laboratory testing and field trials.

The Encore® cup gun kit’s optimum powder test capacity, along with its plug-and-play design, perfectly complement the Encore gun’s other production-proven features and performance benefits, allowing you to focus solely on the coating task.

Encore manual guns feature:

  • On-Gun controls and display
  • 20 user-programmable electrostatic and pneumatic presets
  • Patented Select Charge® technology
  • One-hand powder flow adjustment or preset selection
  • Highest first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Through-the-handle purge cleaning

The cup gun kit itself also features:

  • Encore inline pump
  • 14-ounce capacity cup
  • Easy clean-up for fast powder changeover
  • Optional cups with lids for powder storage for even faster changeover




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