At AFS, we offer a wide range of equipment for the marine industry. If you are coating Aircraft Carriers or Personal Watercraft we have a solution for you. If you are coating Nuclear Subs or a 10,000 ton barge we have equipment to meet your needs.

Our goal is to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs. This drives us to deliver not only top finishing technology, but also the industry expertise that helps your plant reach its business goals.

You’ll increase your productivity significantly when you start using a Graco airless corrosion protection industrial coatings sprayer for your corrosion control production. Our versatile sprayers handle scores of materials — with sprayers requiring hand mixing/hot potting, and plural component sprayers that mix material for you. In the process, you’ll also achieve a high-quality, professional finish and reduce your material waste. Additionally, when you’re using two-component materials our plural component sprayers accurately mix the ratios every time.

We partner with Global Finishing Solutions to offer you a wide variety of paint booths that will provide excellent contamination control and superior lighting for achieving high-quality finishes on boats, yachts and other aquatic equipment. We also offer an extensive selection of finishing equipment — including powder coating booths, ovens, washers, prep environments, paint mixing rooms and hazardous material storage buildings — to complete your finishing operation.

In addition to pre-engineered and standard models and options for all of our industrial paint booths and finishing equipment, we also have the resources and expertise to custom engineer products and complete finishing solutions to meet customers’ unique needs and specifications.

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