Nordson Automatic Powder Coating Booths

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Nordson Automatic Powder Coating Booths

Nordson Horizon Series Powder Spray Booth

Highly efficient, down-draft powder spray booth offers a cost effective solution with advanced symmetrical air flow design.

  • Wide collection of configurations available in 2,750 CFM to 5,500 CFM accommodating manual or automatic applications. Also suitable for porcelain enamel applications.
  • Manufactured with a high-performing polypropylene canopy, allowing for easy cleaning with less manual intervention
  • Symmetrical air flow design continuously recirculates powder automatically, preventing particle size deterioration, resulting in better transfer efficiency and higher material utilization 
  • Removable color module lends to a more efficient color change and reduction of contamination
  • Vertically mounted cartridge filters increases filter life and heightens peak performance

Excel 3000 Powder Coating Spray Booth

The Excel 3000® Powder Spray Booth provides efficiency, ease-of-use and fast color change in one great system. With a compact, modular and durable design, the booth incorporates a shorter base for flexible location of both automatic and manual gun stations.

  • Available in 8,000 CFM, 10,800 CFM, and 15,000 CFM versions
  • Booth canopy is powder resistant and makes color change easy
  • The optional PolyPlus™ canopy material results in low powder attraction, allowing for fast, easy color change
  • Plug-and-spray technology allows for fast and easy installation of all electrical components.
  • The compact and flexible color module design allows for a space saving footprint
  • Flexible and easy to operate modular configurations 

Excel 2000 Powder Coating Spray Booth

The Excel 2000® powder coating booth facilitates uniform, constant air flow for more efficient powder recovery, enhanced collector efficiency and superior part coverage. As a result, you’ll benefit from a total air management system that brings powder coating to a new standard of performance.

  • Unique cartridge pleat design increases effective surface area and reduces powder waste by 80 percent
  • Inflatable pneumatic seal provides air-tight connection between collector module and fan section
  • Aerodynamic canopy design minimizes dead zones and reduce turbulence for more consistent air flow
  • Unitized construction of integrated booth base, collector and fan section provides a better seal

ColorMax 2 Fast Color Change Powder Coating Spray Booth

The ColorMax® 2 quick color change powder spray system is optimized for efficient, repeatable powder application. Numerous features minimize powder in process and aid in system cleaning – providing you with fast, contamination-free color change.

  • Available in three model types – engineered, cubed and hybrid to meet varying application needs.
  • Optimized powder recovery/recycling
  • Pre-assembled utility deck speeds installation time
  • AeroWashTM Base Cleaning System and AeroDeckTM Air Distribution System ensure minimal powder build up
  • The iControl® Integrated Control System provides closed-loop digital control of atomizing and flow rate
  • Encore® Automatic Guns are cleaned automatically
  • Encore Powder Feed Center provides fully automatic powder delivery, recovery and color change 




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