Custom Industrial Drying Enclosures

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Custom Industrial Drying Enclosures

You can increase productivity and accelerate the drying time of water borne and solvent-based coatings by using a Spray Systems Industrial Drying Enclosures. Add our Turbulator Fan System (TFS) to your Industrial Drying Enclosure and notice lower overall operating costs and increased productivity as the turbulent air flow decreases your drying time. Drying Enclosures for spray booths can be equipped with infrared and/or convection curing systems in conjunction with the Spray Systems TFS.

High Quality and Durable Finish

When it is critical for you to produce a high quality finish, the Industrial Drying Enclosure with the optional TFS System is key to your success. It speeds the drying time which results in optimum curing, and provides the best quality and most durable finish for you.

Environmentally Safe

Each Industrial Drying Enclosure for spray booths meets safety and code requirements – NFPA-33, and IFC to protect those that work in any general manufacturing spray environment.




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