Nordson Econo-Coat Powder Coating Booth

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Nordson Econo-Coat Powder Coating Booth

The Nordson Econo-Coat® powder spray booth is a downsized version of its production-proven family of batch powder coating booths. Ideal for coating wheels and other automotive parts, test panels for new color evaluation, or any other parts that fit within its 3.75′ H x 2.5′ W x 2.5′ D work envelope, the Econo-Coat is right for you.

  • Operates on 110-volt electrical supply for fast, easy installation 
  • Small footprint for maximum space utilization
  • Reverse-pulse filter cartridge cleaning for peak performance and long service life
  • Final filter returns clean air to the workplace
  • Simple controls for ease of use



The Econo-Coat powder spray booth is designed for use with Nordson application equipment, such as the Encore® mobile powder spray systems. Together, this package provides versatile, economical, high-performance operation to meet a variety of powder coating requirements.





Econo-Coat® II Brochure Econo-Coat® 1001 Brochure