Chain-on-Edge Conveyor System

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Chain-on-Edge Conveyor Systems

BGK Finishing Systems is proud to continue the Binks Spindle Master heritage. Using chain-on-edge conveyor technology the Binks Spindle Master’s compact, self-contained design is great solution for your painting process. Whether you’re starting a new line or working through a conversion, BGK will make a productive an efficient difference.


  • Adjustable Spray Gun Mounting
  • Compact, Self-Contained Machine
  • Five Standard Layouts
  • Simple and Quick Set-Up
  • Spray Booth with Exhaust Fan
  • Standard Spray Control Options
  • VFD Drives
  • Sturdy Turn Modules
  • Low Friction Structural Track
  • Combination Drive and Take-Up Module
  • Sprocket Spindle for Positive Rotation
  • Simple Layout Configurations using Modular Components
  • Engineered for Liquid or Powder Applications
  • Continuous, Indexing and Combination Motion
  • Maximum Part Weight: 25 pounds
  • Maximum Part Height: 16″
  • Maximum Part Diameter: 16″
  • Conveyor Speeds: 0.5-60.0 FPM
  • Track Height: 22″ or 32″