GFS High Productive Automatic Booths

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GFS High Productive Automatic Booths

High-Production Powder Collection Booth

Often used in conveyorized powder application systems, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) High-Production Powder Collection Booths are designed to increase your productivity, product quality and profitability in powder coating applications. With modular designs engineered for optimum airflow and maximum transfer efficiency, GFS High-Production Powder Booths are ideal for mass production powder coating applications.

GFS High-Production Powder Booths are constructed of 18-gauge stainless steel panels for exceptionally long life.  These booths also feature smooth, tapered inside surfaces for easy cleaning

High-Production Powder Booths feature standard, 2-foot-long entrance and exit vestibules and adjustable height leveling.

A transparent. Polycarbonate ceiling allows for a brighter application environment

High-Production Powder Booths feature overhead filtration with lightweight, removable filter modules. Held in place with a lever operating mechanism, cartridge filters are easy to remove and replace. An included air solenoid valve allows for easy filter maintenance.

Independent, self-cleaning powder collection module(s) include high-efficiency cartridge filters and redundant filters, an air solenoid valve for filter maintenance, fluidized bed, integral powder fill hopper and casters for easy maneuvering during color changes.

GFS High-Production Powder Booths feature a deluxe control panel with a photohelic pressure gauge that monitors drop and initiates pulse-jet filter cleaning