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Manual Blast Cabinets

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Manual Blast Cabinets

Pro-Finish® systems offer perfect combinations of equipment performance and the versatility of modular designs. Backed By The Best Warranty In The Industry: Three Years Limited!

Standard Pro-Finish® Cabinets

With an off-the-shelf Pro-Finish cabinet, you get a tunable media reclaimer, a dust collection system, your choice of pressure or suction powered blast, and many other standard features. In addition, you can select from a wide range of in-stock factory options to meet your particular finishing requirements. If you need a powered or manual turntable, gun oscillation, additional blast guns, timer packages, special electrical, extended wear components or a vertical door, we can provide this equipment and other options without custom modifications.

Built-in system components:

  • Dust Collector
  • Tunable Reclaimers
  • One-cubic-foot Pressure Vessel
  • One-cubic-foot Suction Hopper

Empire cabinets are available in a variety of configurations suitable for your individual blast system needs





Automated Blast Cabinets

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Automated Air Blast Cabinets

Choose from a wide selection of automated systems.

Empire has designed and produced hundreds of automated systems, ranging in sophistication from standard automation to advanced robotic nozzle, part manipulation and part handling. Our customers report productivity gains between 100 and 700 percent.

Indexing Turntable Machines

This programmable, indexing turntable machine reduces per-unit cleaning costs on piston rebuilds by over 30 percent compared to previous methods.

By coordinating the movements of 16 blast guns, oscillating vertically and horizontally, with spinning work stations on a rotating platform, the system ensures thorough coverage and fast cleaning in a single pass.

Eight guns oscillating vertically clean the sides and skirts of the pistons. The guns sweeping horizontally clean tops and interiors.

Batch Processing Machines

Our batch processing systems, which include both continuous and indexing turntable machines, are ideal for parts requiring long blast cycles. In the typical work scenario, the operator loads work pieces onto the turntable, sets the timer, starts the machine and returns when the cycle is completed. By adding a blowoff manifold and timer, which automatically remove residual material from the part and turntable, the operator is freed from the often dusty task of manual blow-off.

Continuous Processing Machines

Turntable and in-line machines for continuous processing. These systems can be loaded and unloaded manually, equipped with robotic arms or designed as an integral part of the production line.

Our continuous turntable machines come in four standard models with table diameters ranging from 36 inches up to 108 inches. Larger units are available with two rotary blast heads. The heads can be oriented to perform separate functions, such as blasting the interior and exterior of parts at the same
time. Standard features include a rubber cabinet lining and a urethane coating on the turntable for extended service life.

Single Piece Flow Cell Machines

Single-station cell machines serve as just one example of how we meet the ever-changing demands of manufacturers worldwide. Our cell machines reduce inventory requirements and conserve floor space, giving many customers the winning edge in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Rotary Head

Rotary blast head delivers tremendous coverage while conserving compressed air. When the application calls for it, our rotary head will outperform any horizontal-nozzle oscillator, including our own, by reducing the number of blast guns and energy required for the job. Our rotary heads contribute to the outstanding performance of our in-line conveyor, continuous turntable and batch turntable machines.

Shot Peening Systems

Air-blast peening systems with advanced computer-control, blast-coverage and
material-handling features that not only increase productivity, but also assure repeatability—a major concern in these quality-intensive applications affecting
the structural integrity of critical components.

In-line Systems

As with other Empire Abrasive automation systems, In-Line blast systems are available in a variety of configurations. Final design being influenced by part size, weight, shape and material handling requirements. These systems can be as simple as a flat belt, split belts, or a roller type while more sophisticated systems are built with horizontal or vertical pinch belts.

Custom Automated Systems

Empire Abrasive Custom Automated systems are available for your specific application. Final configuration/design being influenced by part size, weight, shape, production rates and material handling requirements. No matter what your application demands, Empire can custom engineer a system to fit your process and production requirements.




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Portable Blast Systems

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Portable Blast Systems

Empire has the deepest portable line-up in the industry.

Empire manufactures a full line of portable blasters, ranging from “do-it-yourself” suction blasters up to our contractor grade SuperBlast® pressure machines, designed to strip structures and large work-pieces at high removal rates.

Backed By The Best Warranty In The Industry: Three Years Limited!

SuperBlast® Portables – Safety, Performance and Reliability

Simplicity, safety, reliability and performance—those were our design goals when we engineered SuperBlast® portables. Many years on tough jobs, such as removing corrosion, preparing surfaces for coating and maintaining heavy equipment, have proved that SuperBlast® portables deliver exceptional value in the field.

Econo-Blast™ Portables

Econo-Blast® portables are compact pressure blasters that share many features with their big brother, SuperBlast®. Available in three sizes with grit capacities of 1, 1.5, and 3 cubic feet, these portables include ASME vessel certification for safety, flexible air hose for ease of maintenance, wheels for portability, and a pressure gauge.

FaStrip™ Portables

When stripping operations involve delicate surfaces or require precise removal of old coatings, nothing beats FaStrip® machines for speed, quality, safety or economy. By delivering plastics, wheat starch or other soft media at low pressures, FaStrip® makes it possible to strip delicate metallic or composite materials quickly and thoroughly without damaging the substrate.

SafeStrip™ Portable

SafeStrip™ portables are designed specifically to handle fine, light media used in the cleaning and stripping of delicate substrates. SafeStrip™ portables quickly and safely remove old coatings, dirt, oil, corrosion, and other unwanted residues from soft metals, rubber, plastics, and other sensitive surfaces. They are ideal for work on statues, monuments, machinery and molds, and in many other applications requiring a “light touch.”

PRS Pneumatic Blast & Recovery Systems

This pneumatic blast and recovery system (PRS) pays for itself quickly by recycling media. Durable media such as chilled iron and steel grit can be recycled effectively 6 – 200 times.

Blast N’ Vac with Vacutrans

As environmental codes become more stringent, the demand for contained blasting rises. By enabling media recovery at the nozzle, Empire’s Blast N’ Vac® product line virtually eliminates the need to collect media manually, resulting in safer, cleaner blasting.





Blast Booths

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Custom Blast Booths

Blast Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) provide a safe, efficient environment for abrasive blasting, an alternative to chemical stripping. GFS Blast Booths are custom engineered and designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • 11-gauge galvanized steel panels, rigidly reinforced with structural steel
  • Pre-punched, companion-flanged panels for easy assembly
  • Six-tube fluorescent light fixtures with polycarbonate light lens
  • Blast shields for intake and exhaust vents prevent blast media from exiting the enclosure
  • Rear-hinged access on light fixtures for easy lamp replacement
  • Door limit switches shut down air to blast equipment when booth doors or optional inside-access lights are opened
  • Designed to comply with all federal OSHA and NFPA regulations
  • Standard Pre-Engineered Blast Booths
  • Pre-Engineered Blast Booths (PEB)

Empire’s Pre-Engineered Blast Booths (PEB) feature all the essentials for OSHA complaint blast rooms at a fraction of the cost. For many applications, requiring strict environmental and safety compliance, Empire’s PEB booths offer an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or higher priced custom blast rooms. After choosing your PEB size you can then choose from a list of standard booth options, dust collection systems, blast and recovery systems along with operator safety equipment. Because these systems are pre-engineered, they can ship in 6-8 weeks, almost half the time of a custom engineered system. See below for pictures and additional information.




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