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Binks Spray Booth Exhaust Filters

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Binks ‘Receptor’ Spray Booth Exhaust Filters

The Binks Receptor is an environmentally friendly paint spray booth filter. The green capture layer is made from 100% recycled soda bottles, and features 98.67% arrestance efficiency meaning almost all overspray is captured. It substantially cuts particulate emissions and reduces spontaneous ignition risk, while meeting UL900, Class II standards for flammability

  • Thermosets, solvent-based and water-based (low, medium and high solids).
  • Air dry coatings, solvent-based and water-based (low, medium and high solids).
  • Plural component coatings
  • Rapid dry coatings
  • UV and radiation-cured coatings.
  • Industrial adhesives.
  • Fiber-filled resins and bituminous coatings.




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GFS Wave Booth Exhaust Filters

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GFS Exhaust Paint Booth Filters

The most versatile single-stage exhaust filter media made for paint booths, GFS Wave accommodates all coatings and a variety of spray applications, from clear coats to high solids paints.

With an exceptional removal efficiency rating of 99.94 percent, GFS Wave filters minimize particle emissions. In addition to protecting the environment, a clean exhaust air stream shields the paint booth’s exhaust chamber, ductwork and fan from overspray accumulation.

The convoluted design of GFS Wave filters maximizes surface area for exceptional depth loading and holding capacity. By effectively capturing and retaining overspray, GFS Wave filters reduce runoff. This results in less cleanup on the floor of the paint booth and quicker, more efficient filter changes.




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RP Paint Arrestors Exhaust Filters

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RP Paint Arrestors – Spray Booth Exhaust Filtration Products

RP Paint Arrestors is dedicated to helping customers find the proper match for overspray collection needs. Whether dealing with Automotive, General Industrial, Aerospace or Wood Finishing industries, RP Arrestors has a product that will fit your needs.


The RP Arrestor product line has been designed to provide customers with optimum performance and extended service life. Our filtering media is fabricated from slit and expanded paper or slit and expanded paper with polyester. The Paint Arrestors (PA) are assembled so the intake side has larger openings than the exhaust side. This baffled configuration allows for depth loading for maximum service life. Additionally, every RP Paint Arrestor, including the prefilter series, has the patented face sheet design.  It produces unique airflow patterns that better capture and retain overspray by using less material.

You save by:

  • Reducing the volume of stored material
  • Reducing the number of change-outs
  • Reducing down time
  • Reducing the amount of material to dispose




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