Performaa Air Assist Spray Guns

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Manual and automatic air assist and airless spray guns deliver performance above all while finishing any product that demands top quality.
Achieve top-notch results with air assist and airless spray guns that produce superior transfer efficiency and atomization. Both manual and automatic applicators feature:
• Air caps designed for specific materials, including general finishing, wood lacquer, low viscosity, high viscosity, quick drying and waterborne
• Fine finish and pre-orifice spray tips that eliminate pattern streaks and deliver a consistent, exceptional finish
PerformAA 15, 50 and Airless manual spray guns maximize operator comfort and productivity with proven, field-tested quality.
• Ergonomic handle and finger rest fit comfortably in any sized hand.
• Low gun weight (the lightest on the market) and ultra-light trigger pull reduce fatigue and muscle stress.
• Cartridge-style components make maintenance quick and easy, minimizing downtime.




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