Graco ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform

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Graco ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform

The ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform is redefining fluid control, plural component mixing and manufacturing processes. Stay on ratio within 1 percent mixing accuracy. Stay on budget with less rework and simple maintenance.


Take advantage of the benefits of plural component material with our unique positive displacement pump system.

  • True volumetric control: The electronic fluid control system can operate in both flow and pressure mode, with high and low pressure options.
  • Versatility and flexibility: Operate up to four pumps, dispense different chemistries, and track pot life for up to three spray guns – all on one system. You also can manage up to 30 colors, four catalysts, and typically separated materials (e.g. epoxy/urethane, metallic/non-metallic, waterborne/solvent borne).
  • Low flush technology: Moving the mixing point closer to the gun decreases the flush zone and increases efficiency. It also reduces solvent use and material waste by up to 80 percent.
  • Air/solvent chop: Patented features allow you to preset flushing routines for different materials.
  • Intuitive controls and display: Easy-to-navigate screens guide you through operation, setup, and troubleshooting. See real-time data on system parameters.
  • Automatic and manual configurations: The ability to upgrade parts in the field at any time allows you to start with a manual single pump system and then move to a multiple pump automatic system.




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