Graco ProBell Rotary Applicator

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Graco ProBell Rotary Applicator

High Performance Rotary Bell Atomizer System

With our ProBell rotary applicator, you get high performance spraying with intuitive controls and a modular, scalable design. Plus you have the flexibility to start small with one controller and work your way up to more, or install a complete system all at once, accommodating your specific installation and budget needs. And at 60,000 RPM, you not only get high production speeds for your industrial application, but the precision balanced cup also gives you low vibration.

  • Modularity allows customers to design a system to meet their production needs and budget
  • Easy system integration with existing PLC or new installation
  • Controller interface allows for easy management of spray parameters
  • Improved safety and reliability with a low voltage cable and adjustable arc detection settings.
  • Configurations for a Hollow Wrist Robot, Solid Wrist Robot, Fixed Mount or Reciprocator Mount
  • Bell cups are optimized for superior spraying with a variety of pattern sizes and flow rates
  • 2 different aluminum finishes (including high wear for abrasive materials) or composite construction for bell cups
  • Compact, lightweight design allows for lower payload robots or reciprocators to be used – saving money




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