Graco PD44 Valve

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Graco PD44 Valve for Precise Micro-Dispensing

For Precise Micro-Dispensing Exceptional Performance The Graco PD44 Valve is specifically designed to dispense small amounts of water thin to paste viscosity materials from 0.005 cc’s to 5 cc’s. The metering rods are matched with machined seals for improved seal life. There are no material hoses between the rod pump outlets and mixer inlet which eliminates potential ratio or shot size problems (phasing) due to hose expansion and contraction.

Graco PD44 Valve features

  • Specifically designed to accurately dispense shots of two-component epoxies, urethanes, silicone and most reactive resin systems
  • Improved low viscosity spool design
  • Rod positive displacement metering
  • Precise mix ratio and shot repeatability
  • Eliminates cleaning and potential hardening of materials in the valve