Graco NXT Check-Mate Pumps

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Graco NXT Check-Mate Pumps

Check-Mate Pump – for medium to high-viscosity materials

Discover the next generation of bulk supply systems Graco Supply Systems reliably deliver one-component sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials from pails or drums to metering and dispensing systems. Designed with innovative features plus advanced pump and air motor technologies, Graco Supply Systems help maximize your plant’s production capacity.

Optional MaxLife® coatings and seals triple the life of the standard offering
• Durable NXT Air Motor lasts ten times longer than its predecessor
• Common and shared parts throughout rams and air motors provide low carrying costs, even when multiple configurations are used within a plant
• Electric tandem systems significantly reduce downtime with advanced monitoring and control systems

Advanced, intuitive controls The electronic controls on Graco Supply Systems help you monitor and control critical factors through an easy-to-use interface.

A modular approach gives you added flexibility Graco platens are designed with a modular approach. You can easily interchange platen components if you need to switch pail sizes or materials. Choose flat or dual flat wipers for 20, 30 or 60-liter pail sizes or o-ring wiper style for 200-liter drums.