Binks 5-10-15 Gallon Pressure Pots

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Binks 5-10-15 Gallon Pressure Pots

BINKS PRESSURE TANKS ASME Code Stainless Steel or Galvanized

The case for ASME Code Tanks: Numerous government and insurance bodies (e.g. OSHA, your fire marshal, your insurance underwriter, etc.) use National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. NFPA standards call for the use of ASME-code tanks. All Binks pressure tanks are made to ASME standards.

Binks 183G- ASME Code Tanks give you application flexibility for most solvent-borne applications. They also give you application flexibility with our best chemical resistance. These tanks are suitable for waterborne coatings.

  • Max. Working Pressure, psi 110 psi (7.5 bar)
  • Air Inlet 1/4″ NPT (m)
  • Fluid Outlet 3/8″ NPT (m)
  • Fluid Outlet if using bottom outlet kit 3/4″ NPT (m)




183G Manual 183S Manual Brochure