DeVilbiss Compact Spray Guns

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DeVilbiss Compact HVLP Spray Guns

Compact Spray Guns Designed for Superior Finish Performance

  • Compact’s design results in a laminar, or streamlined, flow of air allowing for efficient and effective atomization
  • Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the air flow in the new Compact Spray Gun is modeled to reduce turbulence and enhance the atomization process
  • Compact provides a superior finish with the highest transfer efficiency rates
  • Built for Ergonomic Comfort, Energy Savings and Environmental Responsibility
  • Small and lightweight reducing operator fatigue
  • New curved handle for operator comfort
  • Increased finger space for easy access
  • Reduced trigger tension increasing operator comfort
  • Lower air consumption and pressures
  • Easy to clean with fewer parts
  • Handles solvent and waterborne materials including high solids and 2k



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